Our offer

We deliver a wide variety of services:

  1. Electrical wiring on offshore and onshore markets.
  2. Repairs, servicing and maintenance of electrical devices.
  3. Contracting for and installation of electrical equipment.
  4. Starting systems such as: fire detection and fire door monitoring, outdoor and indoor lighting, integrated system of inner connectivity and so on.
  5. Cable extension measured with electronic recording, verification of isolation condition.
  6. Hot work services – cable tracks assembling, building foundations for electrical appliances, making cable passages, prefabrication of certain parts.
  7. Fibreoptics installation

• We specialize in monomode  and multimode fibres welding.

• We are equipped with FUJIKURA FSM-70S  fusion splicer ready for installation

• We inspect fibre tracks measuring loss characteristic of optical fibre and using reflectometrical methods, reaming out mechanical joints with possible clearing of detected faults of fibres

• The reflectometrical device for measurements is JDSU-Bird 2000

We offer congeneric services from installation and starting-up to completion of any given task. Our workers possess many valid certificates and authorizations required for work : SEP E and D, DSB, FSE, Hot Work, fibre optics and permissions for work at height.